TRUE ART KELOWNA - Lolite Polished Point Large

Lolite Polished Point Large

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 82-88g approximately 4-4.5 inches h

Lolite is a stone of revealing one's inner path and deeper self. It helps one move forward in their life and can assist with disorganization, lack of motivation and distraction. It it said to help with balance and disorientation. It help strengthen, resolve,  assists with family issues and rivalry in the family. Lolite helps with self-assurance, creativity and inspiration and is a great stone for self-expression in artistic ways. Lolite also brings order to chaotic situations and is helpful for smart money management. It is also a great stone for travel both physical and astral. It reveals realms and thoughts beyond the normal reach of the mind. It can help with addiction as well as releasing others expectations to reveal the true self. Physically, it is said to strengthen the body, promote detoxification and help with the nerves, digestion, migraines, vertigo and memory. It can also aid with insomnia. This stone quiets the mind and aids in relationships by balances male and female energies.