"Strength" Smudge Inspired Beeswax Candle 8oz
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"Strength" Smudge Inspired Beeswax Candle 8oz

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Strength - Smudge Inspired Beeswax Candle

For centuries, Celtic ceremony would burn Juniper and Thyme as their soldiers went off to fight the battles of the day. Now more than ever, we need these ancient practices to arm us for our day to day. With 100% natural beeswax as a base and a wooden wick set the stage, the addition of juniper berries and thyme allows us the opportunity burn this ancestral practice in its purest form. Beeswax is the only wax that burns sustainability and in this candle we have given you a non-toxic and clean burning opportunity for a reflective and intention anchoring candle. Giving you strength to stand toe to toe with your day, your challenges and your need for that little bit extra. Thanks to those industrious bumblebees you also get a lovely very faint calming honey fragrance. 8oz reusable tin