Lavender Laundry Sachets
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Lavender Laundry Sachets

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Lavender Dryer Bags (Set of 3)

We love our lavender and it shows!
These dryer bags can each be used for 15-20 loads with your linens or even your clothes for a heavenly light lavender fragrance.

Store them in an airtight jar after each use to lengthen their lifespan. You can also add a couple of drops of lavender essential oil to freshen them up. If they seem to losing their scent, add a couple of drops of water to the muslin/cotton bag to dampen it and place in microwave for 15 seconds.

Packaged in cotton muslin, this lavender is the perfect addition to creating balance in your life by introducing the fragrance to your everyday. Adding this dryer bag to your bed linens will give you a soft and subtle lavender smell and it is professed that lavender is a sleep and relaxation aid. You can also place a muslin bag/sachet on your nightstand for a blissful fragrance to help you drift off.