Framed Indigenous Watercolor Art
William Jones

Framed Indigenous Watercolor Art

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William Jones is an Indigenous and Celtic multi-disciplined artist. His business is CrowDerwydd Healing Services, and his artwork is a fusion of Northwest Coast design and Celtic Knot work with a focus on the archetype deities from both heritages:Crow and others from the indigenous side, and Danu and others from the Celtic side. He sees his artwork as reconciliation within himself. When he was younger, he was inspired to learn about his grandfather’s heritage pre-conquest, so he learned about Druidry, and he has become a bard from the Order of Bards,

Ovates, and Druids (OBOD). This then led him back to learning the lessons that his grandmother tried to teach him about his people from the Yukon: The Southern Tutchone, Northern Tutchone,Han, and Tlingit. It has been his healing journey to combine both heritages into one, to help make him feel whole as well. He hopes to inspire healing through his art.